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Here you see things you can freely download:

When you open these .xlsx files, tap “Activate” a few times and tap “Continue” in the Chain- box.

– My PC virus-scanned the files the first time they were opened.

1. You can test your knowledge about roe deer in 8 countries and about moose in 3 countries – and you can 

also see if you are a good population manager on the shooting/cull side:

2. See the best bullet placement on deer and others. – Fire the heart- bullet using the CNS- bullet instead.

3. You can see the Manual for Cull Tools here – where you can see what a Cull Toll looks like and how it works:

4. See a presentation of the overall Wild Game Analysis, incl. Cull Tools and Optimazation model for trophy- bearing

males (bucks, stags, bulls).

When you open this file, some natural security warnings will be displayed and some links will be inactive, because this file links to the intire Wild Game Analysis on my PC. – This is ignored and when you save the file to your PC, these warnings will disappear.

5. See how to treat deer, also the trophy, when shot. – This is in Danish, but the pictures tell a lot:

Here you see other things of possible interest:

“Forward” and “Back”- arrows – importent when using xlsx:

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