Terms of use of website and the total Wild Game Analysis model, as well as reservations. – Read this Disclaimer before purchasing the Wild Game Analysis, Cull Tools etc. and before using the Website:

Disclaimer and Specific Reservations (Terms, Conditions and Reservations):

By using the website “Find dit rigtige jagtudbytte – Find your right cull.dk” as well as population analysis models, calculation models, Cull- tools and optimization models and other files that can be downloaded from here at any time, or delivered / transferred in any other way, you accept this disclaimer and are agreed herein. – If this is not accepted do not use the website and / or population analysis models / calculation models etc. and / or other files that can be downloaded from or via the website at any time and / or delivered / transferred in another way. 

The website: “Find dit rigtige jagtudbytte – Find your right cull.dk” with associated Wild Game Analysis model, Cull- tools and optimization model, etc., is owned and operated by the couple Marie-Louise Ljungberg Hansen, Jack Carl Hansen and their son, who are private individuals under Danish law. The same applies to the population analysis model, the Cull- tools and the Optimization model, etc. in the Files: “Vildtanalyse og jagtudbytte 1 af 2.xlsx” og “Vildtanalyse og jagtudbytte 2 af 2.xlsx”, as well as separately supplied files – in their various current and future names, versions, – and country versions, as well as animal species, – and language versions. 

No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action in reliance on or as a result of the material included in or omitted from this Wild Game analysis can be or is accepted by the author(s) / the publisher (s).

Use of content in the above mentioned website and in the Wild Game Analysis models, as well as any other accompanying or later analysis models is at your own responsibility and risk – and we do not accept any direct or indirect or derivative responsibility, nor responsibility for the use thereof. The population analysis´s file(s), including analysis models and optimization model, may not be disseminated elswhere in any way, but is solely for personal, private and non-commercial use of the persons to whom we have provided the files, unless otherwise agreed in writing. – All as described above and further specified as follows:

We disclaim all forms of liability and liability for damages incurred in connection with a visit to, or in connection with any use of the website: “Find det rigtige jagtudbytte – Find the right cull.dk”, as the content of this and all material there at any time can be downloaded / purchased from or via the website or delivered / transferred in any other way, including analysis models, calculation models, Cull- Tools, Optimization model and separately delivered files are without any kind of guarantee, including without guarantee of suitability for a particular purpose. Thus, all or part of the Wild Game Analysis is purchased as viewed online, and without complaint, or right of return. 

All content on the website and in the analysis models strives to be correct – but no guarantee is given, either explicitly or tacitly, that information, calculations, methods, principles and information, etc. are accurate and correct on the above website and in all the documents and files of the entire Wild Game Analysis as they are and exist at all times. The website and all content on the website and in all the documents and files of the entire Wild Game Analysis, including analysis models, calculation models, Cull- Tools, Optimization model and separate files can be deleted and changed without notice and without prior notice. 

All information, materials and files downloaded from the Website, or otherwise obtained through the use of the Website, are provided at your own risk and we expressly disclaim any liability for damages and accidental consequential damages that arise from the use of the Website or the use of the files that can be downloaded from the website at any time and / or can otherwise be downloaded or delivered / transferred – whether due to errors, omissions, misinterpretations, translation errors, lack of translation, inconveniences in the material, or any other reason. This limitation also includes compensation for losses due to malicious programs, malicious files that can be downloaded via the website, or malicious files that have been delivered / transferred in another way. 

We are not responsible for links on the website and the use of these is at your own risk. It is permitted to link to the content of the above-mentioned website with the correct source indication. Single use of links is permitted, while systematic use of links for commercial purposes is not permitted. It is not permitted, without our prior written permission, to insert content from the above website, including from files that can be downloaded from or via the website or otherwise transferred, including analysis models, calculation models, shooting tools, optimization model and separately delivered files, into a website frame so that the content appears as an integral part of the page. 

No further help / support and guidance is provided in the use and understanding of the Wild Game Analysis, incl. its analysis model, – and calculation models – in addition to the many built-in overviews, guides, the manuals in Danish and English and explanatory text boxes associated with cells – which should be fully sufficient. 

Special attention is drawn to the fact that it is the Danish-language version of this Disclaimer that is applicable, as there may be translation errors, or possibilities for misinterpretations, in the accompanying English Disclaimer, which is thus only conclusive/indicative.

A buyer of the Wild Game Analysis, Cull Tools etc., as well as other things that can be downloaded from the website, accepts without complaint and without right of return and without repayment what has been received, in the condition and usability this has.

Photos in Galleries such as in e.g. The galleries: “Various useful”, “Survivel” and “Knots”, as well as files that can be freely downloaded, should be considered as my own personal and private reference sites and places, which i simply show others. 

Relating to: Excel version, language, monitor and PC:

The Analysis models and other calculation models, etc. is performed in Microsoft Office, Excel 2010, format .xlsx with Danish setup/ Danish keyboard (user interface), on a 6 year old Dell Dimension 9200, in a 1 year old Medion in Windows XP, in Windows 8.1 and in Windows 10, and we does not accept any direct or indirect responsibility for the user’s current Excel version (also older and future) to open and display the analysis model so that it is displayed as in our above-mentioned excel version in Danish view and on our PC at the time of execution. – The Wild Game Analysis is thus tested in several Windows versions as well as on several PCs, and this showed no inconvenience.

The analysis model has been performed on a large screen (HP2710m), and we accept no direct or indirect responsibility for the user’s current display/screen not to display the analysis model as it appears on my monitor at the time of execution.

We accept no direct or indirect responsibility for the User’s current computer, or other media / platform, as well as User’s Excel version, to display and run the analysis models performed in a Danish-language Excel. – Regarding computers, proven tests performed on several different PCs, however, have shown no inconvenience.

The analysis model is performed in a Danish version of Excel (with danish keyboard), and any necessary settings / conversions in Danish language must be provided by the User/Buyer as well as the User/Buyer must first examine, before buying the the Wild Game Analysis model, if the User/Buyer Excel version can display the Wild Game Analysis in User/Buyer’s current Excel language version, as in the Danish Excel version mentioned above (Microsoft Office, Excel 2010, format .xlsx with Danish layout/keyboard (user interface) – so that the Danish letters to (æ, ø and å), is and are available / visible in User’s Version. – The Wild Game Analysis and its Cull- Tools etc. do not work if excel does not have a Danish keyboard.

We have not tested the analytical model in English versions of Excel, or tested the analysis model in other language versions, so therefore we refer to the sections above.

Analysis language:

The language of the analysis is Danish, which can probably be understood by Users in Denmark-DK, Sweden-S and Norway-N. – The page: Wild Game Analysis´s Start and International Page and Cull Tools is in Danish and English. Some parts of the other analysis model have been translated into English, and only the essentials considered by me are translated. The parts of the analysis that concern moose are mainly in Swedish. Reservations are made reg. translation errors, misinterpretations and misunder-standings, as well as any missing translation, which also applies to this Disclaimer.

Thus, it can not be guaranteed that all English-speaking Users achieve full and 100% full use of this entire Wild Game Analysis, especially if English speakers want to use the analysis as advanced User, being able to change in selected variables – which also will depend on the User’s prerequisites and attributes, as well as knowledge of game, hunting, analysis, etc. 

English-speaking Users (at advanced level) must use the Wild Game Analysis page eg.: “Analysis Startup – opstart” and the page: “Analysis Diagram – Manual”, “Hvad gør jeg – What to do” – which are Manuals in Danish and English, and which should be sufficient, but it can not be excluded 100 % that English speakers may use for example Goggle Translate to a lesser extent.

The analysis model is performed in a Danish version of Excel, why the English-language Excel version will only show invalid characters where æ, ø and å occur, as well as other deviations. – Therefore, English-language Users must change their Excel version / keyboard to the Danish language/keyboard – if possible (and that should be possible). – If conversion to Danish keyboard is not possible, User must accept any consequence.

Danish legislation:

Everything on the website, any Wild Game Analysis models, optimization models and all other files that can be downloaded via the website, the website and files transferred/delivered differently and at any time, are subject to Danish law and all cases and disputes of any kind related thereto, shall be settled by the Danish courts.

Specific reservations regarding the Wild Game Analysis models / calculation models, etc.:

Relating to population analyzes for countries other than Denmark, and for other animal species than roe deer and moose, there may be conditions that change certain prerequisites and applied set-up and calculation methods in the analysis model. These conditions the User must correct himself as far as possible, and with reference to other terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer. 

Other uses, other animal species and concerning other countries:

The analysis model are allowed, as it exists at all times, to be used principally for other deer species, as well as all hunted and non-hunted animal species with life expectancy (averageages) for males up to 10 years and females up to 13 years, simply changing the variables as needed, biology etc., to the extent that this is possible – and abstract from roe deer, and moose-specific words and expressions, as well as ignoring the roe deer, and moose-specific topics. – To the extent that the analysis’s built-in variables, simulation and calculation methods are also applicable to other animal species, it is likely that a large number of animal species other than roe deer and moose can be analyzed – which are the basic animal species of the analysis model. – Thus, the User must decide whether the analytical model is suitable for the intended animal species, country and use.

There may be relationships in other countries and other species that we do not know and which are therefore not built-in or incorrect in the analysis models – such conditions the User must correct himself as far as possible in the Wild Game Analysis.

Regarding Present: Statements, Claims, Opinions, Criticism, Instructions and Recommendations, etc.:

All statements, criticisms, statements, statements, instructions and recommendations, etc. performed in this overall Wild Game Analysis must be perceived as follows, and with the following addition: “In my opinion”, “as I see it”, “as I have perceived it” and/or “as the results of this Wild Game analysis´s is displayed.”

Inquiries and invitations: 

Any unsolicited emails and inquiries (invitations) to other hunters, organizations, etc., should only be considered as an attempt to save the roe deer populations in a socially beneficial way, and are only intended as an appeal and a debate-creating initiative, as well as sharing and exchanging views to / with persons, organizations, etc., which must be regarded as being directly or indirectly involved in population management and hunting – and not for the purpose of selling anything. The mention of the Cull Tools in this appeal should only be considered as a description of a possible new way of rescuing the declining game stocks and hunting. – Link in submitted inquiries (invitations) goes directly to the website page: “Status roe deer 2021”, which is the appeal mentioned here and the debate-creating initiative mentioned here, from my side as a private person (not trader) hoping for feed back.


This total Wild Game Analysis incl. populations analysis model, calculation models, and optimization model etc., in all its countries, and in animal species versions are copyrighted.

Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this analysis model, or parts of the analysis model and population analysis, is illegal and will be prosecuted. – You may not copy, distribute, restore, republish, modify, forward, sell or otherwise communicate any of this material, including text, formulas, calculation methods, and images for privat, public or commercial purposes, without prior written permission from us.


There is no support for this Wild Game Analysis og its Cull Tools etc, as the support is built into the analysis model’s many guides, cell comments, in the Introduction and in the Manuals in Danish and English.

It can not be guaranteed that all users (common as advanced) can immediately overlook or understand everything in this very large and extensive Wild Game Analysis – why Users can acquire 3 different versions, with different amounts of information and details.

Therefore, we do not promise that all Users can use all of the elements in this Wild Game Analysis, as this will depend on the individual’s insight into the game, hunting, population dynamics, analysis work, biology, Excel version, language, PC etc. – but we promise to have done All that we find possible, making all Danish and English-speaking Users able to get a rich benefit from the Wild Game Analysis.

However, comments and remarks can be written to the email address on the website.


Only when payment has been credited to my account, a code will be handed out to access (download) the CullTool. – We must be completely free from any problems of any kind in connection with a buyer’s payment on all payment platforms. The payment part’s “PayPal payment- button”, which comes from and is created in PayPal’s website, is just a proposal that only the buyer is responsible for using.

Used sources and photos, in addition to own sources and photos:

Not replacing the original source/photo, scaled-down, down formatted/conversed, combined and in another way compounded and edited free photos under “Fair Use” and “Public Domain Images” from pixabay.com, Google and from the free Wikipedia – with the new purpose of societally beneficial and research-based shed light on significant, overall approach to promote proper population analysis and population management of wild huntable and non-huntable animal species.

Fotos i Galleri “Diverse nyttigt”, “Overlevelse” og “Knob”, samt filer der frit kan downloades, skal betragtes som mine egne private opslagssteder, som jeg blot viser andre. 

Fotos i Galleri “Diverse nyttigt”, “Overlevelse” og “Knob”, samt filer der frit kan downloades, skal betragtes som mine egne private opslagssteder, som jeg blot viser andre. 

Fotos i Galleri “Diverse nyttigt”, “Overlevelse” og “Knob”, samt filer der frit kan downloades, skal betragtes som mine egne private opslagssteder, som jeg blot viser andre.