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These dynamic Cull Tools can be highly recommended for especially roe deer hunters and hunting landlords in all 50 countries with roe deer and for moose hunters and the population management authorities in all 20 countries with moose.  

Cull Tools also include Cull Tool for many other animal species that have a biology much like roe deer and moose – in all countries of the world.

Cull Tools also contain static Cull Tables for roe deer in 8 countries in Europe.

Right now there is a campaign price for Cull Tools in Danish kroner: 300 – (about 40 Euro at exchange rate 743).

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How to buy Cull Tools:

If you want to aquire “Afskydningsværktøjer – Cull Tools”, please fill in and send a message about this in: “Contact”.

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After registering that payment has been made to my account, we will send you, to your provided email address, a code to this website’s page with code – the page: “Download the file when purchased” – where you download the file: “Afskydningsværktøjer hjorte m.fl. – Cull Tools deer etc.xlsx”. 


The above code is changed regularly.

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