My name is Jack Hansen and I am from Denmark-DK, and I am the developer and owner of Cull Tools and Wild Game Analysis.  


My hope with these Cull Tools and Wild Game Analysis is, that hunters, hunting landlords and others will take this to heart. 

The wild game populations deserves  this, and also the many responsible hunters who do a great job for nature. – To see this being ruined by a just a little too large annual hunting yield/cull and especially an incorrect cull distribution – is really annoying. 


My background:  

I have been active hunter since my 10th year, in roughly 58 years.  I started as a carpenter and has the following educations: Tree technician, Degree in accounting, Physiurgic education and Constructor. I have worked for many years with accounting and as Calculator, and has worked extensively with graphic things, such as publications, reports, describtions and submissions, etc.

I have for many years researched in roe deer in several countries on private level, both in and outside the hunting season.

Why did I choose to use minimum 13 years on this?

To be very direct, I have to say that for many years I have been annoyed and worried about seeing a host of completely different and opposing recommendations and instructions for population management on the shooting side, in public media (especially for roe  deer). “I have also long suspected, that the many different” home-knitted shooting/cull policies that the hunters are using, are for many reasons directly damaging for the population – and this is dokumented in a very strong Wild Game Analysis / Population analysis, which is behind the “Afskydningsværktøjer – Cull Tools” model.

I have therefore often wondered, how on earth generally responsible hunting owners and other population managers do manage the population and manage the shooting appropriately in a wild population – is everything really based on emotions and sensations, or bases on what they do in other hunting areas, or economics – is this the method for govern the population management and number of shot animals in a wild game population?

When I compared this to the fact, that several populations have seen significant, yes rather unhearded, fall in several species, eg. at roe deer and and moose in Sweden, I have wondered why there is no tool available, that can tell us what is the best take out and the best distribution of this hunting bag in a given population on a defined hunting area – as it is on the individual hunting grounds, the practical population management takes place.

However, 5-6 years into my analysis work, i figured out why there is no such tool. – Establishing a credible analysis model that delivers the necessary and desirable information is a huge and very demanding project, also because such an analysis model must be dynamic and updateable, and only on the basis of aquired recognized knowledge, as well as the model must contain a large number of biological and terms related variables that should be freely selectable – this in order for the analysis model not to be static (and therefore useless when conditions change) – and last but not least, the analysis must be visually quality ensured and tested.

The work of an analysis model expands exponentially, when such a model shall be able to handle different animal spacies in all over the world, and the quality ensurance of such a flexible model has probably taken years. “Yes, this Game Analysis model has probably been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

I have also noticed that there are many responsible hunters who really are interested in shooting correct in the population, they are feedind, caring for the game and they are seeking established neighboring agreements, etc. – Nevertheless, the most important part have always been missing – to find a common basis for being able to use the likely correct cull (hunting bag), at national level, at district level and in in the individual hunting areas.

I find that the hunters for many, many years – in many cases – have been left to themselves to find out what they can really can shoot on their hunting grounds, under simultaneously misleading instructions and recommendations reg. cull. – A wrong hunting yield can be expensive both for the game, the hunters and the rest of the community, as well as for all the different interest groups.

Ultimately, it is also not to comply with the hunting laws and the hunting ethical rules, to create or participate in creating inappropriate or deteriorated conditions and living conditions for wild game – when this can actually be calculated, documented and avoided.

Thanks to: 

Ole, Finn, Henning, Erik and Marie- Louise for participating in the quality assurance of these Cull Tools.

“A buck is a buck”.